CMM Services

Below are descriptions of just a few of the services that we offer.

PPAP Studies

Production Part Approval Process (PPAP) can be a stressful time for any project manager and engineer. Let us help you melt the stress away by letting us tackle the dimensional layout portion of the process. Accu-Tech, Inc. will precisely measure every dimension noted on the drawing and report it back to you in an easy to follow reporting package.

We take the difficult thinking requirement out of reading dimensional layout reports. Someone without an engineering degree can still understand what the data is saying, which means you will be able to quickly analyze on the go what the data means. If you want to add Accu-Tech, Inc. to your team by having us serve your PPAP needs, please send us a quote from our easy to fill out RFQ form on our Quote page of our site. We’ll be sure to get back with you right away.

Capability Studies

Statistical process control (SPC) is an important facet of our line of work. Combining the synergies of dimensional layouts, part conformance, and statistics into a capability study helps clients have a better understanding of how capable their part is to the designs intent in the real world.

Although it may seem like an alphabet soup of letters, Cpk, Ppk, and other statistical calculations are a part of what we do everyday. If you want your dimensional layout source to know how to meet your needs on capability studies, look no further. Our inspectors are seasoned veterans and will make sure the care you get will make you confident that your job is being done correctly. Not only do we do it right, we will meet your deadlines, no matter how challenging they may be.

First Article Inspection

First article inspections are an essential component of the manufacturing process. This area of measurement is often times overlooked in importance, but we take it very seriously. We take pride in every first article inspection we take on. If the measurement source inspects the product wrong, and report that they are made in error, you may go back and make expensive changes to tools, molds, and processes that never needed to be done.

You know that when Accu-Tech, Inc. inspects your product it is indeed measured correctly. If an item we inspect is out of tolerance, you can have confidence that the data you’re reading is extremely precise. Likewise if the dimensions are in tolerance then the product is correct. The decisions that make companies waste the most money are taking short cuts on first article inspections. Send your first article inspection to the professionals at Accu-Tech, Inc. and enjoy confidence in the test results we provide for you!

Reverse Engineering

Reverse engineering is becoming a huge component of the measurement service industry as there is virtually limitless applications that encompass this arena. Whether you are trying to re-create a part, digitize an area to detect defects, or anything else, let us be of help. We have capabilities to provide extremely accurate digitizing by touch probe, 3D Optical technology, and Blue Light scanning.

Since this area is so vast, the best thing to do going forward is to send us an RFQ with what you are looking to have done and attach an image or print of the part. Let’s work together to get a plan in place for your unique need.

Gage R&R Studies

Nothing is more important to you than having inspections done correctly. Why risk having an issue develop because the inspectors did not perform a Gage R&R to the industry standards?

At Accu-Tech, Inc. we make sure that each Gage R&R study is handled with utmost care. With our extremely efficient machines and programming methods, Gage R&R’s are handled with care, without sacrificing critical amounts of time. You know that if a Gage R&R passes at Accu-Tech, Inc., that the gage was not only handled with care, but is definitively repeatable. Our customers choose us as their premier Gage R&R inspection source because they know we will get the job done right, on time, and at the best value. Let us help you get a plan in place to get your Gage R&R needs handled. Please visit our quote page for an easy to use, RFQ submission form.

Fixture Certification

When it comes to fixture certifications, it comes down to quality, timing, and cost for most companies. Luckily, we’ve mastered all three. Our clients count on us for certifying their fixtures accurately, within their time constraints, and for an extremely reasonable value. This is why over 90% of the fixture certifications we do as a third-party inspection source are from clients who have used us before. They know they can count on us for those three critical components every time. Let us be your solution to third party certifications on gauges and fixtures.

Open Setup Layouts

So you’re not looking to drop a lot of money into building a fixture as it is not required to hold a part for your program. However, you still need to layout out the parts to make sure they are dimensionally correct. Accu-Tech, Inc. has your solution with our open part setup services.

Our team at Accu-Tech, Inc. has mastered the art of open part setups. We use state of the art, Rayco Fixturing which is the best solution to holding parts for accurate measurements. We can hold anything into natural position, design position, or in anyway you would like to see a test be done at. If it needs to be inspected in the proper position, we can definitely do it in an open setup for you.

Fast Turn Around

We offer fast turnaround times on all services we provide to our customers. The trick to this facet of business is proper planning and removing bottlenecks. If you are a Just In Time (JIT) practitioner, you are going to appreciate our honest delivery dates! With proper notice, we can create a pipeline of layouts which can sit in line without even being at our facility.

All we need to do is quote how much time it will take from start to finish, plan out what time it will arrive, and we can provide you with as fast as 24-hour turnaround times. This may not always we possible depending on scheduled work in the lab but we will do our very best to accommodate your needs. To inquire about our turn around times, please fill out an RFQ so we can research your unique needs and offer you a plan of action. Don’t let deadlines haunt you, let us help!

Other Services

CMM is a large aspect of our business, but we also excel at other various services

Fixture Repairs

You had a fixture made at a source and it’s dimensionally incorrect. Deadlines are approaching and your customer is expecting this to be done right. All is not lost. Let us salvage this tool for you and get it set into the right place. The fixture repair team at Accu-Tech, Inc. are experts at precision and quality, so you will be in good hands.

CAD Data Conversion

In need of a different format of CAD but do not have the capabilities to convert it yourself? We’ll hook you up with the proper format. Simply fill out an RFQ form with what type of data format you presently have, and the format you need to convert to, and we will be sure to help you out right away!

Shipping Services

Don’t have a delivery truck? Don’t want to get charged an arm and a leg? We’ve got you covered!

Our 16-foot box truck is capable of transporting almost any type of object we can inspect on our machines. Save costs on shipping by having us do it for you. If you need us to transport a job please let us know when you request a quote and CMM time for our lab. We’ll be happy to assist you!

Vision Measurement

Optical comparators simply cannot compete with the vision technology we have in our shop: we have multi-sensor, true-3D vision measurement machines. Not only can these machines determine X and Y axes, they can also measure the Z axis as well. Not only can these machines measure Z, they do it with precision.

To be exact their volumetric performance is ONE micron. Let our programmers measure your products with the tightest tolerances, and then receive the measured data in confidence that you could not get a more accurate measurement anywhere else.

Vision/optical measurement machines are extremely versatile. So if we cannot measure it on a CMM, we can definitely find a way with vision. Let us know what your specific needs are so we can organize a strategy to get the measurements that are required!