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CMM Services

Accu-Tech, Inc. is a dimensional testing lab that is accredited by A2LA to the latest 17025-2017 standards, taking measuring to a whole new dimension for over 25 years. Being an accredited laboratory through a internationally recognized accreditation body allows our service to meet or exceed all requirements to do work in every industry world wide.

We perform simple or complex testing to drawings, CAD data, or written direction. Testing can be done on supplied fixtures or in an OPEN SETUP using our full library of Rayco fixturing and expertise in proper use and setup of this equipment. We are OPEN SETUP experts.

Accu-Tech, Inc. has a lot of capacity with our (4) CMM's, (3) 3D Vision/Tactile Probing CMM's, and our new state of the art Hexagon 8535SI Romer Arm with the new RS6 Laser scanner. All the machines run PC-DMIS software which is the most used measurement software in the industry.

Our automatic (DCC) cmm's cover measurement of products from small to very large (22 feet) with high accuracy and speed. All equipment is maticulously maintained. We use the most accurate measurement method's and technique possible based on over 38 years of measuring experience by our founder.

The new laser scanning SHINE technology no longer requires spraying parts with powder and receiving unreliable data. This scanner can go from Black, to White, to Chrome, and Clear without any special preparation. It is simply unbelievable and separates itself totally from Blue/White Light scanners on both accuracy and accessibility to the product to be scanned.

Our Vision/Optical Measurement Machines are extremely versatile. So if we can't measure it on a CMM, we can definitely find a way with vision. Let us know what your specific needs are so we can organize a strategy to get the measurements that are required! Optical comparators simply cannot compete with the vision technology we have in our shop: We have multi-sensor, true-3D vision Automatic Measurement Machines.

Not only can these machines determine X and Y axes, they can also measure the Z axis as well. They also perform with extremely high precision. To be exact their volumetric performance is 3 microns or less. Let our team measure your products with the tightest tolerances, and then receive the measured data in confidence that you could not get a more accurate measurement anywhere else.

Open Setup Layouts

Maybe you’re not looking to drop a lot of money into building a fixture as it is not required to hold a part for your program. However, you still need to accurately measure the parts to make sure they are dimensionally correct.

Accu-Tech, Inc. has your solution with our open part setup services.
Our team at Accu-Tech, Inc. have mastered the art of Open Part Setups. We use state of the art Rayco Fixture Products which are the best solution to holding parts for accurate measurements when used properly. We can hold anything into Datum Position, Natural Position, Design Position, or in any way you prefer for your test to be done.

All layouts will be performed at the same, or higher accuracy than if it were held on a dedicated fixture. We have performed tens of thousands of these layouts over the past 25 years and have never received a single complaint. We have this procedure completely dialed in and waiting for your request.

PPAP / First Article Inspection / Full Layout requirements

PPAP / First Article Inspections / Full Layouts are an essential component of the manufacturing process. This area of measurement is often times very difficult to perform with accuracy and also delivering a report package that the user can follow with a low stress level. We take great pride in every layout we perform and know with confidence the report package received by the customer will exceed all their expectations. All layouts have the same consistent easy to follow report package no matter which inspector performs the layout request.

Accuracy is critical to this process and is the foundation for these layouts. If the measurement source inspects the product incorrectly, and reports that they have measurement errors, you may go back and make expensive changes to tools, molds, and processes that were unnecessary.

You know that when Accu-Tech, Inc. inspects your product it is indeed measured correctly. We guarantee you will have confidence that the measurement data you receive is extremely precise and measured correctly, without error.

Send your PPAP / First Article Inspection / Full Layouts to the professionals at Accu-Tech, Inc. and enjoy confidence in the test results we provide for you!

Capability Studies

Capability Studies / Statistical Process Control (SPC) is an important facet of our line of work. Combining the synergies of dimensional layouts, part conformance, and statistics into a capability study helps clients have a better understanding of how capable their part is to the designs intent in the real world. Although it may seem like an alphabet soup of letters, CPK, PPK, and other statistical calculations are a large part of what we do on a daily basis.

If you want your dimensional layout source to know how to meet your needs on capability studies, look no further. Our inspectors are seasoned veterans at this requirement and will professionally analyze what the measurements are to be taken and let you know up front if we think there will be any issues. These will be resolved before any money is spent performing a invalid test. Let us help you stay within budget and get only testing that will be needed to complete the requirement and on time!

Scanning / Digitizing / Reverse Engineering

Scanning / Digitizing / Reverse Engineering is becoming a huge component of the measurement service industry as there is virtually limitless applications that encompass this arena. Whether you are trying to re-create a part, scan / digitize an area to detect defects, or anything else; let us be of help. We have capabilities to provide extremely accurate measurements by digitizing with touch probe, 3D Optical technology, and state of the art Laser Scanning.

All products will be setup correctly prior to measuring so there is never data provided to the customer that is worthless. We hear this way too often from customers when they use sources that are not metrologists.
Accu-Tech, Inc. is a true metrology company.

Fixture Certification

With Fixture Certification requests it comes down to quality, timing, and cost for most companies. Luckily, we’ve mastered all three. Our clients count on us for certifying their fixtures accurately, within their time constraints, and for an extremely reasonable cost. This industry has many players whom only care about getting paid on the fixtures and quality is lapsed. As your 3rd party source you know we are absolutely your advocate to get the quality of fixture you paid for. Do not ever accept areas out of tolerance on a fixture because those errors will show up directly in the measurement of your parts on that fixture.

Let us put a safety net over this expensive investment for you. We also store all programs forever so re-validation when needed in the future is a fraction of the original cost. This is why over 90% of the fixture certifications we do as a third-party inspection source are from clients who have used us before. They know they can count on us to make sure they receive exactly what they are paying for from any fixture shop.Let us be your solution to third party certifications on gauges and fixtures.

Fixture Repairs

If you have a fixture built at a source and it is dimensionally incorrect we can make most repairs in house. Deadlines may be approaching and your customer is expecting this to be done right and right away. Let us step in and make repairs to this tool for you and get it to you in proper working condition.
The fixture repair team at Accu-Tech, Inc. are experts at precision and quality, so you are in very capable hands.

Gage R&R Studies

Nothing is more important to you than having inspections done correctly. Why risk having an issue develop because the inspectors did not perform a Gage R&R to the industry standards?

At Accu-Tech, Inc. we make sure that each Gage R&R study is handled with utmost care. With our extremely efficient machines and programming methods, Gage R&R’s are handled with care, without sacrificing critical amounts of time.

You know that if a Gage R&R passes at Accu-Tech, Inc., that the gage's performance testing was not only handled with care, but is definitively repeatable to the results we state. Our customers choose us as their premier Gage R&R inspection source because they know we will get the job done right, on time, and at the best value. We will identify all non-conforming issues for them with a plan to help make it pass. Let us help you get a plan in place to get your Gage R&R needs handled.
Please visit our quote page for an easy to use, RFQ submission form.

CAD Data Conversion

In you have a need for conversion of your CAD Data to another format but do not have the capabilities to convert it yourself, we can asssist. We can do cad conversions to multiple formats and will be able to help you on this request.

Simply send us an RFQ with what type of data format you presently have, and the format you need to convert to, and we will be sure to help you out right away!

Fast Turn Around

We offer fast turnaround times on all services we provide to our customers. The trick to this facet of business is proper planning and removing bottlenecks. If you are a Just In Time (JIT) practitioner, you are going to appreciate our honest delivery dates! With proper notice we can accommodate most upcoming request.

All we need to do is quote how much time it will take from start to finish, plan out what time it will arrive, and we can provide you with as fast as 24-hour turnaround times. This may not always be possible depending on scheduled work in the lab, but we will do our very best to accommodate your needs.

To inquire about our turn around times, please fill out an RFQ so we can research your unique needs and offer you a plan of action. Don’t let deadlines haunt you, let us help!

Shipping Services

Don’t have a delivery truck? Don’t want to get charged an arm and a leg? We’ve got you covered!
Our 16-foot box truck is capable of transporting almost any type of object we can inspect on our machines.

Save costs on shipping by having us do it for you.
If you need us to transport a job please let us know when you request a quote and CMM time for our lab. We’ll be happy to assist you!


Contact Accu-tech today for a RFQ!

We will take care of your measurement requirements-
let us show you why we are the premier company for all of your measurement needs.