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Below is easy access to our 17025-2017 Accreditation documentation for your companies use :

Since 1995

Accu-Tech, Inc. is a privately owned, small business and has been in business since 1995. We primarily engage in measurement work and consultation for our clientele. We are accredited by A2LA under the ISO 17025-2017 standard.

Our dimensional inspection services measure where an object is, calculate the distance between the measurements and where the design should be, and then report this deviation to our customer in an easy to follow reporting package.

Quality Standard

ISO 17025-2017

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Accu-Tech, Inc. Industries Served

Accu-Tech, Inc. is a privately owned, small business and has been in business since 1995.

We primarily engage in precision CMM, Vision, and Laser Scanning measurement work for our clientele.

This includes most forms of dimensional testing with an easy to follow reporting package.


Automation Industry

Our experts have capabilities to serve the Automation Industry’s unique needs such as End of Arm Tools, Robotics, and Tooling Plates. Adjustments are made during the measurement process to assure accuracy.


Commercial Industry

We’ve served the commercial industry with pride for a long time. Consumer products also need a very high level of measurement precision so that manufacturing goes smoothly. These unique applications are tasks that fit right into of core business line of work.


Aerospace Industry

Aerospace industries are covered as well by our professionals as we take intricate care of these critical parts and tools. Our lab has measured numerous tools and parts for BOEING, Lockheed, Spirit, etc..., and many tooling vendors to countless suppliers of this industry. We have the equipment and knowledge to fulfill your needs.


Electronics Industry

We also serve the Electronics Industry with great pride with our capabilities to measure locations of items with both touch probe and optical measurement techniques. From circuit boards to resistors and transducers there is no part we are unable to measure.


Automotive Industry

Our business is completely in tune with all the different requirements for dimensional testing of these products. This includes a wide variety part sizes and levels of accuracies needed for valid testing. Our lab is state of the art and have all required areas needed to be full service to you and your company.


Military Industry

We do work directly with the DOD and are certified to perform military projects. We take great pride in making sure that the objects our defenders of our freedom use are measured with utmost care and precision.

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