Accu-Tech, Inc. Announces Deal with Hexagon Metrology to Upgrade to Latest Version of PC-DMIS

Hexagon Metrology

LAKE ORION, MI–(November 2022) – Accu-Tech, Inc. has announced today that it will be upgrading all seats of PC-DMIS in the laboratory to the latest version of PC-DMIS CAD++. The deal was worked out with Hexagon and Accu-Tech, Inc. and officially commenced today. Hexagon Metrology is a strategic partner of the organization and with this deal, it helps cement Accu-Tech’s dedication to staying on top of the best technology available. Offering the best technology to our clients helps improve our capabilities as a CMM inspection laboratory, and it is the hope of Accu-Tech, Inc. to continue to provide the best possible measurement services to all of its clientele harnessing the latest technology possible.

About Accu-Tech, Inc.

Accu-Tech, Inc. is an private, contract measurement lab focused on precision measurement services with coordinate measurement machines (CMM, CMM’s) with both contact and non-contact 3D measurements. The company was founded in 1995 in Sterling Heights, MI. Accu-Tech, Inc. moved to its new, state of the art facility in Lake Orion, MI in 2013. Accu-Tech, Inc. provides CMM measurement services on injection molded parts, fabricated parts, checking fixtures, tools, details, End of Arm Robotic Tooling, and other parts that require precision measurements to be taken before production or final use. With over 500 active customers, Accu-Tech continues to seek new partnerships with clients looking for the best value inspection services. For more information, check out Accu-Tech, Inc. at