Accu-Tech, Inc. Celebrates 27 Years In Business

LAKE ORION, MI–(January 1st, 2022) – Accu-Tech, Inc. has announced today that has officially been in business for 27 years. Originally founded by President Edmund Drozdowski, Jr. in 1995, his vision of trying to provide customers with high quality CMM services for a competitive cost is still paramount to the company’s success. On this day, we wish to extend to our customers an invite to help us better improve our services. If there is any way at all we can accommodate to your needs, please let us know by contacting us at We thank all of our customers for all of the work entrusted to us over the years. Here is to 27 more years! Thank you again!

About Accu-Tech, Inc.

Accu-Tech, Inc. is an private, contract measurement lab focused on precision measurement services with coordinate measurement machines (CMM, CMM’s) with both contact and non-contact 3D measurements along with state of the art Laser Scanning. The company was founded in 1995 in Sterling Heights, MI. Accu-Tech, Inc. moved to its new, state of the art facility in Lake Orion, MI in 2013. Accu-Tech, Inc. provides measurement services on injection molded parts, fabricated parts, checking fixtures, tools, details, End of Arm Robitic Tools, and many other items that require precision measurements to be taken before production or final use. With over 500 active customers, Accu-Tech, Inc. continues to seek new partnerships with clients looking for the best value inspection services. For more information, check out Accu-Tech, Inc. at