Below are descriptions of just a few of the services that we offer.

Since 1995

Accu-Tech, Inc. is a privately owned, small business and has been in business since 1995. We primarily engage in measurement work and consultation for our clientele. Our dimensional inspection services measure where an object is, calculate the distance between the measurements and where the design should be, and then report this deviation to our customer in an easy to follow reporting package.

Quality Standard

ISO 17025-2005
(This is the highest standard for mechanical testing laboratories so we can serve all industries.)

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Industries Served

The following are just a few of the fields we’ve worked closely with

Our experts have capabilities to serve the Automation Industry’s unique needs such as End of Arm Tools, Robotics, and Tooling Plates.

Aerospace industries are covered as well by our professionals as we take intricate care of these critical parts and tools.

Our business used to be completely automotive industry reliant. Even though we are much more diversified now, our expertise in this arena is our specialty.

We’ve served the commercial industry with pride for a long time. These unique applications are an easy task as we can be your turn-key solution to the specific measurements you require.

Our soldiers have enough to worry about when they are on the front lines. We believe that defense manufacturing and precision machining should not be one of them. We take great care making sure that the objects our defenders use are measured with utmost care and precision.

We also serve the Electronics Industry with great pride with our capabilities to measure locations of items with both touch probe and optical measurement techniques.