Surpassing industry expectations.
Cut costs, not quality.

Accu-Tech, Inc. is a privately owned, small business and was founded in 1995.
We primarily engage in CMM measurement services, Blue Light Scanning, as well as consultation for our clientele.

Our dimensional inspection services measure where an object is, calculate the deviation between the measurements and where the design should be, and then report this deviation to our customer in an easy to follow reporting package.

Our ISO 17025-2005 accredited laboratory by A2LA is a leader in professional, contract measurement work. This quality program meets or exceeds all requirements to do work with all types of industries.

We are involved with various defense, automotive, aerospace, commercial, and medical manufacturing companies. Accu-Tech, Inc. serves virtually all industries with our best value service.

Taking Measuring Services
to a whole new dimension

We constantly innovate our measurement techniques, cost-effectiveness, and reader-friendly reporting package. Our highly-customizable, turn-key service will help reduce your overhead, improve your efficiency, and enhance your results in quality.
The expertise of our inspectors and the state of the art equipment will allow us to fulfill all your dimensional needs.